Cozumel Mother’s Day Part 2

About half of our group or so stayed an extra few days in Cozumel. 3 different families brought their mothers/fathers/daughters and we wanted to play “tourist” with the additional family members. One of our excursions were to jump on the ferry and travel across to the mainland. Our destination… Chichén Itzá.

If you ever have the opportunity to go to Cozumel, I’d definitely suggest taking the ferry across to the mainland. It was about 45 minutes. The cab driver that dropped us off at the ferry station recommended to buy a one way ticket since there are multiple ferry companies that travel back and forth and they won’t accept another ferry companies tickets. It just keeps you from getting stuck for 3 tickets when you only need two.

So this is a real pirate ship that travels around Cozumel but it is actually a dinner cruise from what I’ve researched.


Cozumel Mother’s Day Trip Part 1

In May we headed to Cozumel Mexico. By the time we left I think we all needed a vacation. It was hubby, Abug, my mom, my MIL, and me who were able to go this year along with some other people to round out our trip. It was a lot of fun and after the way my day started I’m ready for some more Vitamin D and Vitamin Sea until my attitude changes!


Easter Dessert – Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Cake

My husband absolutely LOVES Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.  I swear if you could make a meal out of them, I’d almost venture to say he’d be in heaven.

I’m kind of at the opposite end of that spectrum… I’m not crazy about chocolate & peanut butter together.  Really I think peanut butter only belongs on toast or PB&J sandwiches.  I know, where’s my sense of adventure?!?!

Well the week before Easter I was perusing through Sweet Tooth blog and found a recipe for Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Cake.  I knew that we had to have this, and yes I ate it.  My opinion… definitely NOT Bad!


One Year Ago… Part 29

“Woof, woof.”
“Does someone hear a dog?”
“Woof, woof.”
“Nicole, get Morelli out of the house!”
“Mom I don’t see him. Morelli, Morelli.”

Eventually the game was over. Memaw said she would take Tbug home. PC was soon to follow. He planned on taking her home the next day. That night her mom and step-dad threw a party for her birthday and we were invited. We said we would be there.


Tbug had Cheerleading competitions every weekend starting the end of January until April that fell on our weekends to have her. Her mother suggested we trade weekends. So our next weekend to have her was the 9th, PC’s dad’s birthday. We had talked about at least taking her in to see his dad if not more when on Thursday we all found out his dad had been taken to the ER and admitted into the hospital on Wednesday night. When I got off work Thursday night I met PC and his sister at the hospital. I waited with them through their dad’s surgery to see what was wrong.


One Year Ago… Part 28

I truthfully believe they didn’t plan this right, his daughter’s birthday is 8 days after Christmas and although she has a very cool birthday (1/2/03) it sucks when you think she gets Christmas and her birthday all over at once. Throw personal property taxes and property taxes in there and you might as well just kiss yourself into the poor house!

Since his daughter stayed the night with his mom on Christmas Day, we made plans to head out first thing the day after to hit after Christmas sales. At least we were on a mission and knew what we wanted to get her, a camera she could call her own.

My Mustang does not, I repeat does not handle snow and ice, especially in my parents driveway where you go up hill both ways, literally. Prince Charming said we could take his truck, but I could see all the roadways and they were clear, as long as we could get out of my parents driveway we’d be in the clear. So we jumped in my car started down the hill gaining momentum so we could make it back up and it was a no go. As you might guess we started spinning. Grrrr I was mad so I backed down the hill and as far up the hill as I could to get another running start, gassed it and dang, no go. By this point I stopped, popped the truck, told PC I was getting in the trunk (for weight) and he was to drive it out. two more attempts and as he was backing down the hill for the third attempt he backed off into the yard and got stuck. By this point I was mad and throwing a temper tantrum that involved me saying, “I hate this stupid car. The damn thing is for sale as of right now!”


One Year Ago… Part IX

The next few weeks were very similar to each other… talking on the phone, texting, talking through gtalk… You know, the getting to re-know you.

The group of friends that I made started what we referred to as Dinner club. We’d get together once a month, go to different restaurants, usually ones that weren’t chains and we’d (get this..haha) go to dinner. Some dinners were dress up, guys in suits, girls in cocktail dresses, some were more casual, but we were more about just getting together and trying new restaurants around the area. So the e-mail came out for the July invite for dinner club at a restaurant called Touche and I wanted to go, but I didn’t want to go by myself so I was torn about if I wanted to accept or not.

While on the phone talking one night, he made the comment he was coming back home for a visit. Of course that sparked some excitedness (I think I made up that word) on my part! Maybe we could get together and catch up. As the time got closer he let me know the week he was coming. (I bet you saw this coming…) It just so happened to be the weekend of Dinner Club. So I made the comment to my friend Kalem at work one day and he told me I should invite him. hmmm… me having to make the first move… I wasn’t so sure I could do that. So some other co-workers they all agreed I should invite him as well. After a couple days of pondering this, I decided I wanted to ask him. The worst that could happen was he’d say no. The bad part though was this was one of the dinners that the guys wore khaki’s and the girls nicer sun-dresses. In talking to him, his clothing wardrobe consisted of jeans and John Deere t-shirts, that means probably no khaki’s. So now I was going to be making him buy some dress pants so he could go with me. So yes, I talked myself out of this. I was back and forth so much that I was annoying not only myself but everyone around me.


The love of my life!

I would describe the woman of my dreams as funny, smart, successful, beautiful, loving, and caring. Fortunately for me I am one of the lucky ones who has found the love of my life, and she is all of that and more!

What does my fiance do well that other women can learn from? She is very supportive of everything I do most guys wouldn’t admit this but we have a few tiny emotions hidden away, we like to be depended on and we like to know we have someone to support us.

What has been the biggest struggle in our relationship thus far? Unfortunately I have to say my daughters mother.

My Fiance helps to alleviate this problem by simply being there for me and being understanding, and also being protective of me! (She doesn’t know how much I love that she is protective.)

Hmmmm what is one thing i wish women understood about what a man wants in the woman of his dreams? Very Simple and I have it!! We men like a woman to depend on us!

Check back in 1 year and 144 days for an update to this post. Which will be our 1 year aniversary.


Life is crazy sometimes… you just never know what to expect or what might get thrown your way. I would say the life I’ve been dealt is good! There are ups and downs and I claim that it is a roller coaster ride, and I truthfully believe that’s true. You have your ups, your downs, your twists and turns. All situations you go through mold you, shape you, to become the person you are and the person that God planned on you being. I don’t think when he created us that he had our whole futures mapped out, I think he had a general direction and our life adapts to the situations we are faced with. We have 2 choices and you go your way, and I believe he knows which way you will go, you can’t get anything past him, he knows all but still, I don’t think he had everything mapped out when he created our individual lives, just a general direction but he knows where we’ll go.

Anyway with that being said, I ran into the love of my life last summer when I needed someone the most. He was actually a friend from high school who we’d drifted apart in the last 10 years. Oddly enough, I found him on facebook while I was stealing some friends internet after I bought my laptop and ran across his name. One of the things I’d found out is that he’d served our country over in Afghanistan. As we got to talking I learned about some people who were very near and dear to his heart, basically brothers from another mother. Those people were Welch, Greg & Tim. Also Greg’s wife Holly & Tim’s wife Krissy.

Late last fall Prince Charming found out that all 3 guys were going to be deploying to Afghanistan again this spring/summer. I told Prince Charming he needed to find out when they were being shipped out because we’d find a time and a way to get down here to see them. He found out the first one leaves in May so this Easter weekend since it was a 3 day weekend we decided to head down here so that I could meet them and Prince Charming could see them before they left.