All Dogs go to Heaven

Dogs are about the most loyal companion you will find. Sadly, my Mother-in-law last her’s last night. So technically Santa brought Cowgirl to Tbug when she was 3 or 4 (Tbug was 3 or 4 not Cowgirl), but this dog was my MIL’s dog. She lived with my MIL. My MIL spoiled her rotten. And even though my MIL always claimed that was Tbug’s dog… we all secretly knew that that was Memaw’s dog.

Memaw was torn up. She told hubby that was her best friend. She couldn’t bury her so hubby and I went over to bury Cowgirl for her. Hubby nor Memaw could call and tell Tbug so I volunteered. Some days it is rough being the adult. I’m not really sure if it even affected Tbug. I couldn’t tell via the phone. I offered to come pick her up so she could help us, but her mom said that she had bball practice and couldn’t come.

Then the next task is explaining to a toddler what happened. Have I mentioned it’s rough being an adult, especially the parent. Dogs though, they’re the best and remember All Dogs Go To Heaven because they’re so great.

Project – Eyes

Eyes… Some people think that they are the best feature on the opposite sex, now there is always a debate, blue vs brown… or in the case of Mudflap, he couldn’t decided so he apparently decided to go down the middle and have one of both :). There actually is an actress that way also. She was in the movie Blue Crush, Kate Bosworth. I think it would be cool to have one of each colored eyes however I bet as a kid you might get picked on… but eventually it’d so be worth it… in my opinion! Boy I use …. a lot but hey that’s me. Mark uses !!!!! or ????? …. LOL.

Nicole: I was squatted down in Aloha’s stall and Mudflap & Morelli were curious as to what I was up too so I had 2 pair of puppy dog eyes on me 🙂


The many faces of Mudd!!!

My dad has been wanting another male Australian Shepherd Dog for a while. For Father’s Day 2009, my mom and I went on the hunt for one. A surprise to us, Dad had also been looking and found one. Well we admitted we’d been looking and low and behold, we got him a Blue Merle with a blue and a brown eye. Next came the challenge of naming him. Eventually he got the name Mudflap, more as a joke than anything but it stuck. We now either call him Mudflap or Muddy or Mud for short. He is one cool Dog. Sunday I was helping my dad and Prince Charming haul hay, actually I knew I wouldn’t have much to do so I drug my camera along and took pictures to entertain myself and try to make myself better. In the mean time got some great shots of my model for the day so I now present to you: Mudflap and all his faces 🙂

He heard the clicking on my camera. Anytime you talk to him he cocks his head one direction or the other.