How To: Can Tomatoes

The other day I was down at my grandma’s and she made a comment that really kind of stuck with me. As you know I started a garden this year. This is my second attempt but first successful attempt at a garden. That’s cool, right? I planted green beans, corn, tomatoes, peppers (assorted), and carrots. At my house, we really don’t eat many raw tomatoes, so I called my grandma up and asked her to help me can them. She agreed. So what exactly did she say that stuck with me? That she was proud of me for learning how to do this because it is becoming a lost art. Wow! It was one of those things I thought of but never really made note of.

How to: Can Tomatoes

Midwestern at Heart: How To: Can Tomatoes. This is my Grandma's tried and true method of canning tomatoes so you have fresh tomatoes from your summer garden all year long.

The first thing you want to do is decide what you think you’ll use these tomatoes for. I told her I was going to use these for tomato sauce or pasta sauce eventually. Keep that in mind when trying this method!

I have a mixture of Beefsteak and Roma tomatoes in my bucket.

Midwestern at Heart: Bucket of Tomatoes


Eetza Birthday Partaey

For about a month leading up to Abug’s birthday she begged and pleaded (okay, that’s a bit of an extreme but we are referring to a toddler here….) that she wanted cookies and a cake and cupcakes for her birthday. I promised her I would take care of her. Now, she was back and forth between cupcakes and cake, but the cookies… they were definitely a want.

She chose Princess Elena of Avalor theme for her party so the cookies were Princess Elena’s dress. I was quite pleased with how they turned out. At first, I wasn’t so sure but once they were done, I was pleased. This year I took cookies to the lake for her “lake birthday.”

A couple days before her birthday I decided on cupcakes in the shape of a Princess Elena dress to go along with the theme of the cookies. She prefers chocolate cake over vanilla although she isn’t really picky, so I went with chocolate cake into cupcakes. I made the yellow sash with a piece of ribbon. It was easier than trying to do it with icing and I was afraid a red sash wouldn’t stand out.


School Daze

We may have been dangling school in front of Abug to try and get her potty trained. She’s talked about wanting to go to school for as long as I can remember it seems. Then one of the local schools around offered summer classes for students of all ages. They had a 2 1/2-3 1/2 year old class that is one day per week for an hour for $10. It was first come 1st serve. We actually got her signed up. She’s been back and forth on being happy and being scared. Luckily parents stay with their kids that whole time so it’s a great way to break her in to a classroom type setting.

About a week before we went she had a breakdown one night at bedtime saying she DIDN’T WANT to go to school EVER. I’m talking this was almost an hour breakdown about going to school. It was sad but funny at the same time. I guess I’ve always been kind of a nerd and kind of liked school (quietly). I was excited to be able to give her this experience.

Last Thursday was her first session. That morning I couldn’t get her to get out of bed. She threw a fit and cried and everything else. I was able to get her out of bed by brushing my teeth. She immediately jumped out of bed and said, “I have to brush my teefps (teeth).” The kid loves to brush her teeth… no joke. Otherwise, that blanket, that’s where she was hiding.


Jose Peppers {Belton, MO}

Earlier this year after a string of unfortunate events revolving around trying to purchase a truck, Mark and I found this restaurant in Belton, MO. On a Monday night we had to wait 20 minutes to be seated… Wow. Must mean it’s good, right? Oh yeah! So good in fact that last night after leaving the Chiefs game, where they won by the way, we decided to eat dinner at Jose Peppers.

I absolutely LOVE stuffed jalapeño peppers. I highly recommend these because I’m not sure you can find better…. seriously! Although I’m willing to keep searching! Like I said, I love stuffed jalapeño peppers.


Bruner Pharmacy {Monett, MO}

Yesterday my daughter and I went with my mom to her hair appointment. While mom was getting her hair cut, we walked around downtown Monett, Missouri. I have to say I’ve never really spent a lot of time there so it was interesting. Right across from where mom was getting her hair cut was Bruner’s Pharmacy. We walked across the street and wandered around.

So first off, they have some really cool things in there. I found a Mickey Mouse Scrapbook and a Mickey Mouse Recipe binder. I’m all about spotting the Mickey/Minnie Mouse stuff these days… but the coolest part of it, they had a real ice cream shop!


Chocolate Eclair Cake

I hope everyone had an awesome weekend. Mine was spent packing/moving. I’m a little exhausted and I found a lot of muscles that I forgot I had. But enough about that… So here’s what I have for you today…

Late Sunday night we decided we needed a break so Mark texted our friend Deb. Earlier in the week she’d mentioned getting together on Monday but we weren’t sure if plans had actually been made. Late Sunday night they decided to go forth with plans. Monday morning meals were discussed and by Monday afternoon we were lounging by her pool, prepping/cooking food, and just relaxing. Well I relaxed, other than playing fetch with the dogs… but that was actually relaxing, all hour and a half of throwing the toy for them to retrieve.

After dinner, Deb was like, I have dessert! That’s where today’s post comes in… A Chocolate Eclair Cake.

So pardon the pictures, my big girl camera is buried somewhere in boxes or clothes… so you get the trusty iPhone, which I wasn’t so happy about. I love my big camera. But that’s besides the point.


Happy Labor Day

Happy Labor Day.
I hope you’re having a lot more fun than I am.
This is a day honoring those hard working individuals who make the world go round.
It also “marks” the end of summer even though Fall doesn’t start until the 22nd.
This is what my life looks like after this weekend.
Maybe I’ll get unburied…
I guess I get to cross off sell house on my 33 goals in my 33rd year…

Happy Labor Day friends!



*Pulled from my old blog Paved Dirt Roads

Double D’s Cafe {Duenweg, MO}

Earlier this month my dad, Mark, Jared, and I were looking for somewhere to eat lunch. Jared had come to my parents house to help Mark replace a ceiling fan and fix a light, but when noon hit, it was time to eat. We had to run to town anyway so we decided to grab lunch when we headed to town. Jared asked if we’d eaten at Double D Cafe in Duenweg, MO. We said, No so it was on. That’s where we went.