Memorial Day Weekend 2017

Memorial Day Weekend was spent at Beaver Lake. The night before we left to go down there, Deb and Grady said they were having difficulty getting all the trailers down so we volunteered to pull the dive trailer down for them. When we got to the lake, I had to giggle at the “big” truck pulling the little trailer. It’s a bathroom cleaner thing for campers but that sight just made me giggle so hard.

These 3 are back together again. Wow, did they make quite the team… they are the next round of shenanigan makers!


2009 in Review

Welcome to 2010 and the beginning of ….. Global Warming, or so they say… I’m not convinced…. um… last I knew it was freezing temps outside, actually below. Bring on Summer!!!


–New Years Day- well New Years Eve was spent at Twisters so you can imagine that right after midnight, I was in Kansas at Twisters but headed home. Yey 🙂
January also started dinner club

  • January: Bijans in Springfield
  • February: Red Oak Steakhouse at Downstream Casino
  • March: Kinnaree in Joplin
  • April: Avanzare in Springfield
  • May: Bayou in Monet
  • June: Wilders Steakhouse in Joplin
  • July: Touche’ in Springfield
  • August: Roswitha’s Schnitzelbank in Webb City
  • September: Haruno’s in Springfield
  • October: Mytho’s Euro Greek Cusine in Joplin
  • November: D’Arpino’s Italian Cafe in Springfield
  • December was back at Kinnaree but I was in Ft. Worth so I missed the last dinner club of the year 🙁